BHS Sub-committees

Executive Sub-Committee *

Geoff Petts (Chair, President)

Ian Pattison

Claire Samuel

Celia Kirby  

* The Executive Sub-Committee (comprising the Society's officers) deals with urgent matters that need a decision before the next Main Committee meeting.  


Exeter Fund Management Committee

Claire Samuel (Chair, Hon. Treasurer)

Geoff Petts

Ian Pattison

(Applications for grants from the Exeter Travel Fund should be made to the Hon. Treasurer)  


UK Committee for the IAHS

Prof. Des Walling, University of Exeter (d.e.walling@exeter.ac.uk) - Continental Erosion

Dr Eleanor Blyth, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (emb@ceh.ac.uk) - Coupled Land-Atmosphere Systems

Dr Corinna Abesser, British Geological Survey (cabe@bgs.ac.uk) - Groundwater

Prof. Ian Cluckie, University of Swansea (i.d.cluckie@swansea.ac.uk) - Remote Sensing 

Dr Kate Heal*, University of Edinburgh (Kate Heal@ed.ac.uk) - Water Quality

Prof. Enda O'Connell, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (p.e.o'connell@ncl.ac.uk) - Water Resources Systems

Prof. Geoff Petts (g.petts@westminster.org.uk) - BHS President  


* IAHS National Representative and Committee Chair