Data sources

Sources of hydrological data

If you are looking for useful sources of data, the list attached (in Excel format) is not exhaustive but provides some pointers.

For example, there are links to where you can access :

  • Catchment Flood Management plans
  • Climate Records
  • Flood maps
  • Gauged flow records
  • Groundwater vulnerability maps
  • Hydrological summaries
  • Groundwater level records
  • Water quality
  • Water resources data

 Please contact the administrator to suggest additions or corrections to this list.

Since the above Excel list was compiled, the WSKEPortal of the Water Security Knowledge Exchange Programme, a long-term initiative that was funded by the Natural Environment Research Council, has set up a WATER DATA page for quick access to Groundwater, Surface Water and Climate datasets.The WSKEPortal is maintained by the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology.