Flood Forecasting: Developments in Science and Application

Papers presented at the BHS National Meeting 'Flood Forecasting: Developments in Science and Application' held at the Institution of Civil Engineers, London, 1st October 2019.

Please use the highlighted links to retrieve PDF files of the individual presenations.

Developments in flood forecasting science: Hannah Cloke

Flood Forecasting Centre –­ 10 years of operations, learning and a view to the future: Charlie PIlling 

Tackling uncertainty in flood forecasting: Leonore Boelee

A global perspective on developments in operational flood forecasting systems, with emphasis on the management of uncertainties: Jan Verkade 

Establishing the national flood forecasting and warning service in Ireland: Matthew Roberts 

The feasibility of future flood warning systems on the Isle of Man: Gemma Toher 

Flood forecasting and warning developments in Scotland: Pascal Lardet

Flood forecasting development in Wales: Samantha Mitchell 

Consolidating, standardising and simplifying England's flood forecasting system: Paul Wass 

Forecasting everywhere: recent developments in national scale flood and impact forecasting: Steven Cole 

Providing flood forecasts and impacts online – our approach and user feedback: Faye Burrows 

Cost-effective flood forecasting for community-based early warning systems: Paul Smith

Improving the flood forecasting capability and service in England: Neil Ryan