BHS Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership of the Society is awarded for life to recognise the contribution of eminent hydrologists either at home or overseas to the practice of hydrological science or engineering, or to reward the outstanding contribution of a BHS member to the work of the Society.  

Honorary Members

1988       Mike Mansell Moullin   

1991       Dr Jim McCulloch (deceased)        

1994       Prof. Peter Wolf (deceased)

1995       Prof. John Rodda          

1996       Prof. Jim Dooge (deceased)

1999       Dr John Sutcliffe    

2000       Prof. George Fleming

2002       Prof. Michael Hamlin

2003       Dr Celia Kirby  

2005       Prof. Mike Hall (deceased)

2007       Dr Susan Walker    

2010       Prof. Malcolm Newson

2010       Prof. Howard Wheater  

2018       Mr Terry Marsh