Electronic discussion forum

BHS Mailbase

This exists to facilitate rapid exchange of information among BHS members and other hydrologists. This list is used for a variety of purposes: the mailbase offers you the chance to post your hydrological questions, news or opportunities to other list members, to announce details of meetings and to engage in discussion on issues of immediate hydrological interest. Messages can be sent to the list only by list members, who are asked to keep any attachments to a reasonable size and not to use the Mailbase for advertising or non-hydrological messages.

In particular, please do not use the list for job advertisements, for which there is a separate arrangement to advertise a vacancy (cost £150, with a 50% discount for academic and charitable posts), please contact Celia Kirby.

To join the BHS Mailbase, simply send an email to

listserv@jiscmail.ac.uk - leave the subject blank and in the message write:


replacing "FIRSTNAME" and "LASTNAME" with your own names.

If you have any difficulty, please contact the list manager, Joe Pearce.

You can remove your subscription from the BHS-HYDROLOGY mailing list at any time here. Alternatively you can ask the JiscMail helpline help@jisc.ac.uk or the list owner via BHS-HYDROLOGY-request@JISCMAIL.AC.UK