BHS Penman Lecture

The Society's Penman Lectures are held at the National Hydrology Symposium to allow an eminent speaker to give a keynote address to the Society.  

Previous Penman Lecturers

1993              András Szöllösi-Nagy

1995              Jim Dooge

1997              Uri Shamir

2000              Hoshin Gupta

2002              Edmund Penning-Rowsell

2006              Jeff McDonnell

2008              V.P. Singh                   'Entropy Theory and its Application in Hydrology'

2010              Zbigniew Kundzewicz

2012              Keith Beven

2014              Mike Waddington        'Ecohydrology by thinking outside the bog: Shifting paradigms in an era of shifting peatland ecosystems'

2016              Elias Fereres           'Managing water limitation in agriculture under future scenarios'