BHS Student Award

This prize is awarded for the best undergraduate dissertation(s) in hydrology submitted by university departments.

To raise the status of hydrological education in Britain as well as to encourage hydrological study among undergraduates in civil engineering, environmental sciences and management, and geography, the Society offers annual awards for undergraduate students who have demonstrated excellence by exhibiting personal initiative and innovation in research/design projects in hydrology. Letters of invitation are sent to university department inviting them to submit dissertations from final year students, with deadlines set usually for early July.  

Award Details


Students can only be entered by their supervising lecturer, who must be on the staff of universities located within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Prizes are awarded on the achievement, relevance, originality and presentation of submitted final-year dissertations addressing scientific and applied issues in hydrology, judged by a panel drawn from the BHS Main Committee. 

Method of Entry

It is expected that only dissertations of outstanding quality will be submitted. Dissertations must be single-authored independent research projects, addressing scientific and/or applied issues in hydrology. A maximum of only one submission will be accepted from each department and it should be sent to The Honorary Secretary, preferably by email.

Judging Criteria

Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Overall achievement in project
  • Originality, or uniqueness of project
  • Relevance to hydrology
  • Standard of presentation


The winning student will receive a certificate, plus a cheque for £400. The two runners up will receive a certificate and a cheque of £200. All prizes are awarded with one year's complimentary membership of the Society

Previous Winners 


Winner:  Sophie Gordon, University of Bristol: "A tide of plastic: the spatial distribution of microplastic contamination in the hyper-tidal River Avon (Bristol) and Severn Estuary, UK"

Runner-up: Maria Tsaptsinos, University of Nottingham: "Assessing and comparing disruption of longitudian connectivity on macroinvertebrate communities in four UK rivers"

Runner-up: Charlotte Hudson, University College London: "Modelling the impacts of climate change on river flows in the Lena River Basin, Siberia, and potential implications for the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation"


Winner:  James Whitefield, University of Plymouth: "The Effect of Land Use on the Aggregate Stability of Soils: A Study of the Bidwell Brook Catchment"

Runner-up: Wilson Chan Chun Hei, University College London: "Modelling the hydrological impacts of climate change on the Lake Eyre Basin"

Runner-up: Laura Gledhill, University of Cambridge: "Spatial evolution of supraglacial lakes in response to climate change, Northwest Greenland, 1985-2016" 


Winner:  Emily Pickett, University of Sheffield: "An Assessment of the impacts from coal mine pollution on standing surface water post-restoration at the St Aidan's Colliery, West Yorkshire"

Runner-up: Chris Lucas, University of Gloucestershire: "Assessing the impact of weirs on the migration of Atlantic salmon on the River Don, South Yorkshire"

Runner-up: Katie Bishop, University of Bristol:  "Investigating the hydrological significance of soil macropores"


Winner: John-Luke Wilkinson, Durham University "Investigation into organic-mineral interactions in North-East Water Treatment Works — Determination of the presence of Mn3+aq in Mosswood Water Treatment Works"

Runner-up: Laura Sutton, Worcester University "An evaluation of the discharge/turbidity relationship and associated hysteresis characteristics in the Bow Brook, Worcestershire"

Runner-up: Andrew Howes, Nottingham University "University of Nottingham, A comprehensive analysis of future precipitation over Amazonia based on projections from climate models in the CMIP5 "


Winner:  Natalie Greenwell, Newcastle University "Experimental Analysis of a Debris Control Device: Morpeth Flood Alleviation Scheme"

Runner-up: Joon Ho, University College London "Modelling the Hydrological Impacts of Climate Change on the Tocantins-Araguaia River Basin"

Runner-up: David Sproston, Lancaster University "Quantifying channel storage characteristics of four Welsh streams using dilution gauging and ADZ modelling"


Winner:  Hannah Barrett, University of Manchester "An investigation into the interannual variability of winter snowfall in southern British Columbia and its relation to El Nino Southern Oscillation, 1951-2011"

Runner-up: Andrew Williamson, University of Cambridge "The subglacial drainage system structure and morphology of Storglaciaren, Sweden"

Runner-up: Rachel Shepherd, University of Southampton "Modelling the effects of climate change on high discharge events of the Upper River Swale, North Yorkshire"


Winner:  Amanda Green, UCL "Quantifying uncertainty in projections of river discharge in the Mekong River Basin under climate change”

Runner-up: Tom Greenwood, University of Southampton "The Impact of Large Woody Debris Dams upon Flow Resistance in the Highland Water”

Runner-up: Simon Hodgkinson, University of Birmingham "Spring precipitation variability and its affect on river discharge over the East Anglian region of Great Britain"


Winner:  Gemma Coxon, University of Bristol "An evaluation of multiple hydrological model hypotheses in the UK using a framework for understanding structural errors”

Runner-up: Alexandra Semproni, Southampton University "A morphological investigation of step-pools using flume experiments”

Runner-up: David Morrell, Lancaster University "Using geochemical isotopic indicators to characterise the glacial drainage system and identify subglacial volcanism, Sólheimajökull, Iceland”


Winner:  Nick Yeo, University of Southampton "A lichenometric and palaeohydraulic flood reconstruction of the East and West Lyn, Lynmouth”

Runner-up: Andrew Tedstone, University of Cambridge "The subglacial drainage system of Hagafellsjokull-eystri”

Runner-up: Tom Garner, University of Bristol "Evaluating urban flood predictions, the value of data and the controls on predictive uncertainty: a limits of acceptability approach”


Winner:  Christopher Fitzsimmons, University of Cambridge "Subglacial drainage system structure and morphology of Midtdalsbreen, Norway”

Runner-up: Jeffrey Wilkinson, University College London "Modelling climate change impacts and uncertainty on hydrology: application to the Mekong River basin, Asia”

Runner-up: Kate Reilly, University of Edinburgh "Hillslope hydrological processes and flowpaths in the Borthwick Water catchment, and their implications for the effectiveness of natural flood management”


Winner:  Rebecca Anderson, University of Oxford "Developing a flood inundation prediction methodologt to improve floodplain management practices, using a raster based two dimensional model (USFLOOD-FP)”

Runner-up: Piotr Cienciala, University of Southampton "Linkages between in-stream habitat heterogeneity, channel morphology and relative sediment supply in an upland gravel-bed stream”

Runner-up: James Harley, University of Stirling "What factors control temporal and special variations in dissolved organic carbon concentrations in comparable small catchments under different land use types, and what are the main sources of docs in the catchments”


Winner:  Gunnar Mallon, University of Stirling "Controls on water quality of surface coal mining pit lakes in Germany and Scotland”

Runner-up: Charlotte Lloyd, University of Bristol "Development of a coupled erosion-carbon model to investigate the implications of future land-use and climate change”

Runner-up: Robert Hughes, University of Birmingham "Associations between summer monsoon precipitation in Nepal and several large scale climatic diagnostics”


Winner:  Adam Driscoll, University of Sheffield "Flood Estimation for LEDCs using an IfSAR DEM and a simple Flood Propagation Model”

Runner-up: Christopher Rimmer, University of Cambridge "The Changing Climate of Swiss Hydroelectric Power production: An Analysis of the Haut Glacier d’Arolla Meltwater Discharge Characteristics”

Runner-up: Richard Robinson, University of Birmingham "The Inter-relationship between Three Dimensional Flow Structure, Channel Plan Form, Bed Topography & Sediment Distribution”


Winner:  Rebekah Rochester, UCL "Modelling hydrological impacts of climate change on the River Lena, Siberia” 


Winner:  Adam Driscoll, University of Sheffield "Flood Estimation for LEDCs using an IfSAR DEM and a simple Flood Propagation Model”

Runner-up: Christopher Rimmer, University of Cambridge "The Changing Climate of Swiss Hydroelectric Power production: An Analysis of the Haut Glacier d’Arolla Meltwater Discharge Characteristics”


Winner:  Rebekah Rochester, UCL "Modelling hydrological impacts of climate change on the River Lena, Siberia” 


Winner:  Robert Thorp, University of Exeter "A temporal and spatial analysis of woodland throughfall”

Runner-up: Guy Schumann, University of Dundee "Application of a degree-day model on a Swiss glacierised catchment to determine snow depth for improved neural network discharge forecast”

Runner-up: Stuart Fraser, University of Leeds "Flooding in York: a graded floodplain”


Winner:  Paul Chambers, University of Bristol  "The influence of spatial resolution and topographic information content on the performance of a raster-based floodplain inundation model” 

Runner-up: Megan French, Lancaster University "Hydrogeochemical investigation and modelling of the Fylde aquifer, Lancashire”

Runner-up: Russell Smither, University of Manchester "The future of insurance as a strategy for floodplain management”