Hydrological Summary

The National Hydrological Monitoring Programme, run by the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, monitors hydrological conditions throughout the UK, to place them in a historical context and, over time, identify and interpret any emerging hydrological trends. Such information is essential for improved water management strategies and its dissemination helps to increase public understanding of hydrological and water resources issues.

This is accomplished through regularhly monthly and annual bulletins, occasional reports on floods and droughts, and engagement with the media. Hydrological analysis and interpretation within the programme is based on the data holdings of the National River Flow Archive and National Groundwater Level Archive, including rainfall, river flows, borehole levels, and reservoir stocks.

The NHMP is run with the cooperation of the principal measuring authorities such as the Met Office, the Environment Agency, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Natural Resources Wales and the Rivers Agency (Northern Ireland).