Hydrology Research: an international journal

Hydrology Research: an International Journal is the peer-reviewed journal adopted by BHS.

In 2008, BHS became a partner with the Nordic Association for Hydrology (NHF) and IWA Publishing for the journal.

The Editors, nominated by BHS and NHF, are Nevil Quinn (BHS) and Chong-Yu Xu (NHF).

In 2012, the Italian Hydrological Society and the German Hydrological Society also adopted Hydrology Research.

For all information about Hydrology Research, including the Editorial Board, Online Submission of manuscripts, its Contents Alert service (highly recommended), etc. click on the journal icon.

Access to Papers

Subscribers can download papers listed under Uncorrected Proofs and Browse Archive on the Journal's homepage. Archived papers date from 1970 onwards.

Hydrology Research publishes accepted papers online (with a doi) well before they appear in printed form in the Current Issue - these Uncorrected Proofs are often available several months in advance of the Current Issue. Citation of a published paper listed under Uncorrected Proofs is permissible, using "in press" and giving the doi. Once a doi has been assigned to an Uncorrected Proof that doi applies for the corresponding paper when it moves to Current Issue and then to Browse Archive. Requests to sign up to the automatic table of contents alert is found here

For details of the open access (free-to-view) option available to Authors for an individual accepted paper, click on the journal icon and go to IWA Publishing Open under General Information. 

Offers from BHS members to help with reviewing manuscripts will be greatly appreciated: please contact the Editor, Nevil Quinn.