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Events in August

BHS meeting

Forest Hydrology

16 September 2015

Type: National Meeting

This meeting aims to develop the strength, integration and connectivity of the UK based forest hydrological research community. The meeting will focus on forest hydrology in its broadest sense, from aquatic to terrestrial ecosystems, comprising of invited talks from leading experts and an international keynote by Lars Högbom from the Swedish Forest Research Agency. Presentations will range from the impacts of deforestation on catchment-scale hydrological processes to the importance of woody debris for instream nutrient cycling. There will be ample time to discuss future challenges and research opportunities with colleagues. Full details of the programme are given in the attached flyer. The meeting will bring together scientists, engineers, water managers, regulators, consultants and policy-makers from universities, research institutes, the water industry, forest managers, the Environment Agency and DEFRA who are at the cutting edge of forest hydrological research within the UK.  To present a poster, please email Dr Phillip Blaen (p.j.blaen@bham.ac.uk) by the 31st August 2015 with the poster title and the names and institutions of the contributing authors.    

Presentations to include:

Megan Klaar - "The role of instream wood in the removal of nitrate pollution in lowland sandy rivers"

Simon Dixon - "The effects of forest restoration on flood hydrology"

Rob Mackenzie -  "The BIFoR FACE facility: the ecohydrological responses of a mature deciduous woodland to elevated carbon dioxide"

Tom Nisbnet - "Forests and water - an assessment of water services and dis-benefits"

Stephen Birkinshaw - "Hydrological modelling of the afforestation of the upland Coalburn catchment, Northern England"

Mark Robinson - "Empirical evidence of the changing hydrology of upland forestry through a plantation cycle"

Lars Hogborn (Keynote Speaker) - "Forest operations and surface waters - effects and counter actions"

Duncan Faulkner - "Help – my catchment has trees! Flood frequency for forests"

Grace Garner - "Sparse riparian vegetation can mitigate high summer water temperatures: a simulation experiment and recommended criteria for management"

BHS meeting

BHS 33rd Annual General Meeting

16 September 2015

Type: National Meeting

This year's AGM will be held during the National Meeting, ‘Forest Hydrology’ and will take place in Room NG08 in the school of Geography, Earth and Environmental Science at the University of Birmingham, located at R26 on this map, downloadable from:  http://www.birmingham.ac.uk/Documents/university/edgbaston-campus-map.pdf      The Agenda for the meeting and an application for the nomination of elected officers are attached.

BHS meeting

Warrington Flood Defence Scheme

28 September 2015

Type: Regional Meeting

Evening meeting to be held at 

Environment Agency Office Annex, Richard Fairclough House, Warrington, WA4 1HG


Christopher Stone, Environment Agency "Warrington Flood Defence Scheme: From Concept to Realisation" 

Adam Parkes and Nick Pettitt, CH2M Hill "Overcoming problems with Modelling and Engineering"

We hope to organise a brief site visit at 18:00 or after the first presentation as it is a short walk from RFH. More details will be sent out prior to the meeting.

For further info contact: Tom Nurick on 01925 542979

The meeting is free of charge and open to non-members. However, because of the site visit, we would like people to book, via Evenbrite, so we have an idea for numbers:  https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/bhs-pennines-warrington-flood-defence-scheme-tickets-18278438301


Drought risk and decision making

08 September 2015

Type: Conference / Symposium

This 1-day symposium, to be held in Exeter College, Oxford, focuses on the management of drought risk, with an impressive array of international speakers, as well as UK experts. There is a small cost for attending the conference (£55), which covers refreshments, lunch and a drinks reception. The event webpage is: http://www.water.ox.ac.uk/drought-risk-decision-making/  and the direct booking link: http://tinyurl.com/OxfordDroughtBooking

17th IWA International Conference on Diffuse Pollution and Eutrophication

13-18 September 2015

Type: Conference / Symposium

Call for abstracts now open for this meeting. Conference Themes:
1. Pollutants and sources of diffuse pollution in surface and ground waters
2. Diffuse pollution (nutrients, carbon, heavy metals,…) from agriculture and forestry
3. Diffuse pollution (nutrients, carbon, heavy metals,…) from urban areas and mining
4. Diffuse pollution under global changes
5. Nutrients and eutrophication issues
6. Surface waters under multiple stress
7. Modelling and monitoring
8. Policies, regulations and education to control diffuse pollution
9. Integrated watershed management towards controlling diffuse pollution

Further details are available at: www.dipcon2015.org

Land use and Water Quality, Vienna

21-24 September 2015

Type: Conference / Symposium


2nd International Interdisciplinary Conference 

"Agricultural Production and the Environment"  

Vienna, Austria

For more information see  http://web.natur.cuni.cz/luwq2015/


Ecohydrology' 2015

21-23 September 2015

Type: Conference / Symposium

Ecohydrology’ 2015 : Lyon, France
  • Measuring, modelling and managing natural processes related to water flows, social values of linked ecosystem services.
  • Achieving equilibrium between aquatic ecosystem services and human usage of water-related resources is constrained by ecological and social factors which can be addressed using adaptive spatial planning based on natural processes.
  • Fundamental and applied researches to support this equilibrium are being developed in the disciplines of ecohydrology, eco-hydraulics, ecological engineering, and social-ecology. 
This conference will bring together leading researchers and practitioners from these disciplines to present the latest advances in knowledge and practice and to promote increased dialoge and collaboration between these disciplines. Further details from: http://ecohydrologie.sciencesconf.org/

Soil-Plant-Atmospher-Continuum 2015

13-14 October 2015

Type: Conference / Symposium

Conference organised by Delta-T and Rothamsted Research, with presentations on latest research findings in soil physics, plant physiology and meteorology. Full list of speakers attached; for more event information, accommodation options, and online registration - please visit the event registration page.

RainGain UK National Observers' Group Final Meeting

11 September 2015

Type: National Meeting

The RainGain project is a joint Local Government Flood Forum / Imperial College London / UK Met Office / EU project (with 10 more partners from France, Belgium and the Netherlands) to improve fine-scale measurement and prediction of rainfall in cities and to enhance urban pluvial flood modelling and prediction. This final meeting at Imperial College will present final research findings and new techniques, with implications for the future put forward by the researchers and major stakeholders in a panel discussion. The meeting is free but Registration is required. Location: Imperial College London, Room 201, Skempton Building, London SW7 2AZ.  More information at : http://www.raingain.eu