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Events in October 2018

BHS meeting

Hydrology for transport and energy

06 December 2018

Type: Regional Meeting

A Pennines Regional Group meeting at Arup, Leeds. More detail from Rob Burton

BHS meeting

UK Reservoir Spillway Flood Hydrology

07 March 2019

Type: National Meeting

A BHS National meeting to bring together practitioners and research hydrologists to consider reassessment of current techniques for reservoir and spillway design flood estimation, to be held at Instn of Civil Engineers, London SW1. This meeting is still in the planning stage and the organisers welcome contributions for ideas for specific topics and presentations. Contact: ianlittlewood505@btinternet.com / duncan.faulkner@jbaconsulting.com

Natural Flood Risk Management - NERC advanced training short course

19-23 November 2018

Type: Regional Meeting

Free course, designed for PhD students, postdocs, MSc students and other early career researchers, taught by experts in flood risk management, monitoring and modelling from JBA Consulting & Lancaster University Open course flyer The course is free to successful applicants (including accommodation and a travel subsidy). If you would like further details &/or an application form, please write to Dr Nick A Chappell via n.chappell@lancaster.ac.uk Closing date for applications is 28 Sep 2018