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Events in July

BHS meeting

Impacts of Flooding on Critical Infrastructure: a Stakeholder-oriented Approach

10 July 2015

Type: National Meeting

This one-day BHS National Meeting will be stakeholder-oriented, drawing upon examples of exsting academic-stakeholder collaboration in flood risk and its direct impacts on critical infrastructure - energy, transport and water supply, etc. as well as the impacts of infrastructure failure - emergency response and supply chains. The meeting is being organised jointly by BHS and Loughborough Unviversity, to be held at ICE London, One Great George Street, Westminster, London SW1P 3AA. To register for this event please click here https://www.ice.org.uk/events/event-registration?eventid=726   For more details please contact Dr Dapeng Yu D.Yu2@lboro.ac.uk or Dr Ian Pattison i.pattison@lboro.ac.uk  

BHS meeting

Forest Hydrology

16 September 2015

Type: National Meeting

This meeting aims to develop the strength, integration and connectivity of the UK based forest hydrological research community. The meeting will focus on forest hydrology in its broadest sense, from aquatic to terrestrial ecosystems, comprising of invited talks from leading experts and an international keynote by Lars Högbom from the Swedish Forest Research Agency. Presentations will range from the impacts of deforestation on catchment-scale hydrological processes to the importance of woody debris for instream nutrient cycling. There will be ample time to discuss future challenges and research opportunities with colleagues. Full details of the programme are given in the attached flyer. The meeting will bring together scientists, engineers, water managers, regulators, consultants and policy-makers from universities, research institutes, the water industry, forest managers, the Environment Agency and DEFRA who are at the cutting edge of forest hydrological research within the UK.    To present a poster, please email Dr Phillip Blaen (p.j.blaen@bham.ac.uk) by the 31st August 2015 with the poster title and the names and institutions of the contributing authors.     

Early Career Hydrogeologists Conference

08-09 July 2015

Type: Conference / Symposium

Conference convened by the Hydrogeological Group of the Geological Society, International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) - British Chapter, and IAH Early Career Hydrogeologists’ Network. 8-9th July 2015, Newcastle University Hydrogeology may be underground but it’s not out of sight and a new generation hydrogeologists will be tackling a new set of problems including: fracking, nuclear waste storage, groundwater flooding, increasing demand on water resources, the impact of climate change, and new pollution risks. This two-day conference provides an opportunity for hydrogeologists in the first few years of their career or undertaking a PhD to present their work to their peers via posters and to make valuable contacts at the conference dinner and during the field visit on the second day. The conference, which will be CPD approved, will be hosted by Newcastle University.

Water and Society 2015

15-17 July 2015

Type: Conference / Symposium

Third International Conference on Water and Society, organised by the Wessex Institute, UK, sponsored by WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment and the International Journal of sustainable Development and Planning. Further details from Conference Secretariat

17th IWA International Conference on Diffuse Pollution and Eutrophication

13-18 September 2015

Type: Conference / Symposium

Call for abstracts now open for this meeting. Conference Themes:
1. Pollutants and sources of diffuse pollution in surface and ground waters
2. Diffuse pollution (nutrients, carbon, heavy metals,…) from agriculture and forestry
3. Diffuse pollution (nutrients, carbon, heavy metals,…) from urban areas and mining
4. Diffuse pollution under global changes
5. Nutrients and eutrophication issues
6. Surface waters under multiple stress
7. Modelling and monitoring
8. Policies, regulations and education to control diffuse pollution
9. Integrated watershed management towards controlling diffuse pollution

Further details are available at: www.dipcon2015.org

Land use and Water Quality, Vienna

21-24 September 2015

Type: Conference / Symposium


2nd International Interdisciplinary Conference 

"Agricultural Production and the Environment"  

Vienna, Austria

For more information see  http://web.natur.cuni.cz/luwq2015/


Ecohydrology' 2015

21-23 September 2015

Type: Conference / Symposium

Ecohydrology’ 2015 : Lyon, France
  • Measuring, modelling and managing natural processes related to water flows, social values of linked ecosystem services.
  • Achieving equilibrium between aquatic ecosystem services and human usage of water-related resources is constrained by ecological and social factors which can be addressed using adaptive spatial planning based on natural processes.
  • Fundamental and applied researches to support this equilibrium are being developed in the disciplines of ecohydrology, eco-hydraulics, ecological engineering, and social-ecology. 
This conference will bring together leading researchers and practitioners from these disciplines to present the latest advances in knowledge and practice and to promote increased dialoge and collaboration between these disciplines. Further details from: http://ecohydrologie.sciencesconf.org/