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Events in November

BHS meeting

Upland Water in the Rosebowl

19 January 2016

Type: Conference / Symposium

A one-day conference aimed to provide those involved with upland hydrology with a wealth of information and opportunity for discussion, focusing on three themes:

  • Water colour and carbon
  • Natural flood risk management
  • The Water Industry and the upland economy

- Provide delegates with an update on latest research and thinking on the three conference themes.

- Consider what our shared understanding is on key issues, with a particular focus on practitioners questioning /

challenging researchers on how their findings inform the ways in which the uplands should be managed.

- Identify the top 20 research questions which practitioners and policy-makers need answers to over the next 5-10 years

- There will be also be information exhibited and opportunity for discussion on recent research into peatland pools.

BHS meeting

An impact perspective on changing drought risk across Europe

09 December 2015

Type: Regional Meeting

A seminar on the differences in drought risk across Europe from the persepctive of 'drought impacts' defined here as the negative consequences of drought on environment, society and economy, including reference to the collaborative EU project DROUGHT-R&SPI, to be led by Professor Kwerstin Stahl, University of Freiburg. Location: Room NG08, School of Geography, University of Birmingham Registration not required, entrance is free. Refrehsments available afterwards.        

Nordic Water 2016

08-10 August 2016

Type: Conference / Symposium

International Conference to be held in Kaunas, Lithuania, to present and discuss the role of hydrology towards water resources sustainability in its widest sense. Abstracts deadline: 1 February 2016 Further details on Conference flyer.