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Events in August 2017

BHS meeting


27-28 September 2017

Type: Conference / Symposium

Billed as the world's largest flood exhibition and conference, this 'free-to-attend' event is staged at  Use this hyperlink for more details and to register for tickets

BHS meeting

Whither Engineering Hydrology?

13 September 2017

Type: National Meeting

Many of the global challenges facing us in the 21st Century relate to water and hydrology e.g. flooding of cities, supplying developing countries with safe water. However, the role of hydrologists in solving these issues has never been more uncertain. The traditions of Engineering Hydrology, focussing on the Physics of water movement and Hydrological Processes have been diluted as the discipline has expanded into other topics such as Eco-hydrology and Socio-hydrology. This meeting will bring together both academics that are responsible for teaching the next generation of hydrologists and industry who manage hydrological issues on a daily basis. The meeting is intended to take a debate format, through which we can identify the needs and priorities for Hydrology and the BHS in the 21st Century. Invited speakers include; Thorsten Wagener (Bristol), Chris Kilsby (Newcastle), Duncan Faulkner (JBA Consulting), representative from CEH, Environment Agency and UK Water Industry. Loughborough University - including BHS AGM https://www.ice.org.uk/events?disciplines=406#031503482501618 

Resilience to Global Changes – Anticipating the Unexpected

05-07 September 2017

Type: Conference / Symposium

'Early Bird' registration to this 7th International Conference on Flood Management being organised by Meet in Leeds is 18th June 2017, standard registration (including student) is 20th Augut 2017. For more information about the conference please visit the website.  

Flood Modeller conference

19 October 2017

Type: Conference / Symposium

This annual event is to be held at the Geological society, London.

Geological Society of America Annual Meeting

22-25 October 2017

Type: Conference / Symposium

This 2017 meeting is to be held in Seattle, Washington. Please note the Abstract Deadline is 1 August 2017 and early Registration Deadline is 18 August 2017. Further details at http://www.geolsociety.org.  

SnowHydro 2018

12-15 February 2018

Type: Conference / Symposium

SnowHydro - the internationa conference on snow hydrology will be held in Heidelberg, Germany, on 12–15 February 2018. Registration and abstract submission is now open at: http://www.geog.uni-heidelberg.de/hydro/snow2018.html

Integrated models for long-term planning in a changing world

08 November 2017

Type: National Meeting

The 15th Groundwater Modellers Forum will be held at The Priory Rooms, Birmingham. Details on the call for presentations is given in the attached flyer and should be received by the organisers by 30th May 2017.

15th Groundwater Modeller’s Forum worksho

08 November 2017

Type: National Meeting

This event is to be held in The Priory Rooms, Birmingham. Full details given on the attached flyer or email:infor@GWMForum.org. Note: call for presentations closes on 30th May 2017.