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Events in December 2018

BHS meeting

Hydrology for transport and energy

06 December 2018

Type: Regional Meeting

A Pennines Regional Group meeting at Arup, Leeds. More detail from Rob Burton

BHS meeting

Celebrating hydrometry

22 January 2019

Type: National Meeting

This joint CIWEM-BHS national meeting (part of an ongoing series of meetings designed to link researchers, policy makers and practitioners) will provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about the value that hydrometry provides for society, the environment and the economy. It will feature presentations and debate from those responsible for the collection and management of hydrometric data, through to those who use it in studies or in planning, managing and regulating the water environment. 

The meeting will be held at the Instituion of Civil Engineers, London SW1P 3AA and bring together academics, researchers, consultants, hydrologists, environmental managers, policymakers, regulators and other stakeholders. More details to follow soon.  

BHS meeting

UK Reservoir Spillway Flood Hydrology

07 March 2019

Type: National Meeting

A BHS National meeting to bring together practitioners and research hydrologists to consider reassessment of current techniques for reservoir and spillway design flood estimation, to be held at Instn of Civil Engineers, London SW1. This meeting is still in the planning stage and the organisers welcome contributions for ideas for specific topics and presentations. Contact: /

Flood Risk Management: Resilience & Adaptation

05 December 2018

Type: Conference / Symposium

This one-day conference will look at the regulatory and policy backdrop enabling better flood risk management, including the latest climate projections and changes to FCERM and surface water management, and provide practical strategies to manage the impact of flooding on infrastructure and housing development. Event contact details: To view the programme click: View the programme To book your place, click here, call +44 (0)203 637 2191 or email

Drought and Water Scarcity: addressing current and future challenges

20-21 March 2019

Type: Conference / Symposium

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS Droughts threaten societies, economies and ecosystems worldwide. They are costly natural hazards, feature on global risk registers and are expected to become more severe due to the influence of climate change and pressure on water resources from economic and demographic changes. We are calling for abstracts for spoken and poster presentations on these Themes: Climatology / Impacts / Governance & planning / Community responses / Risk communication Deadline for Abstracts: 31 Dec 2018 Review & Feedback: 15 Jan 2019 More info here: Submit your abstract here: Poster:


INQUA 2019

25-31 July 2019

Type: Conference / Symposium

The 20th INQUA World Congress - "Life on the Edge" - to be held in the Convention Centre Dublin, aims to bring together all stakeholders, to promote improved communication and international collaboration in experimental and applied aspects of Quaternary research. Quaternary research also provides a direct understanding of geological change including sedimentation and deposition of rock layers and natural energy resources. Applied Quaternary Geology is therefore very relevant for the Mining and Energy sectors, Geotechnology, Water and Hydrogeology, land surveys and planning, and large-scale engineering projects. Further details from  Please note that the Call for Abstracts and Registration is now open.

Quality through equality – tackling gender issues in hydrology

19 February 2019

Type: Regional Meeting

Unfortunately, gender issues are still common and compromise both the potential of research groups and the well-being of individuals. This one-day event includes several talks given by speakers from different career stages. There will be a training session focused on unconscious bias, group discussions as well as discussions with the speakers. The workshop will help the attendees to understand and to identify problems present in the hydrologic community and discuss potential solutions. The event will take place on the 19th of February 2019 (9.30am to 5pm). There is no registration fee for this event. Lunch and refreshments will be provided. To reserve your place please complete the online registration form. A link to the registration form as well as further information can be found at: