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Events in April 2020

BHS meeting

BHS2020 : BHS National Hydrology Symposium

08-10 September 2020

Type: Conference / Symposium

The Society's 14th biennial symposium is to be held at Lancaster University, over three days to include a wide range of formal and informal presentations, exhibitions and field trips. The Programme is currently in the making, including calls for session proposals – see

Peter Wolf Symposium 2020

17-18 June 2020

Type: Conference / Symposium

This important event in the BHS Calendar will take place at the University of Strathclyde. Further details will be announced early next year,  

MEETING POSTPONED - likely to be re-scheduled 7/8 October 2020

Nordic Hydrological Conference 2020

10-13 August 2020

Type: Conference / Symposium

Abstracts are invited for this 31st NHC, taking place in Tallin University, Estonia. The main topic will be 'Hydrology and water-related ecosystems, the functioning of which are the most important for humna well-being.  Abstract submissin deadline: 13 April 2020.   For updates and information join the NHC2020 Facebook event. Abstracts submission and registration HERE Additional information:
Tiit Vaasma -  

Hydrological Interfaces - Interdisciplinary advanceds and perspectives in a changing environmentonment

02 April 2020

Type: National Meeting

This one-day meeting will bring together actors and practitioners to explore the ways in which interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary can improve our understanding of complex problems and benefit our hydrological future. See full programme for full details.
Registration for the meeting may be made using this link

Hydro-JULES Summer School

13-17 July 2020

Type: Regional Meeting

This summer school on hydrological modelling will be held at CEH Wallingford, aimed at a both students and professionals.. It is inteded to be a practical, hands-on schools with minimal theory so as to focus on hands-on running of models and worked eamples. the event is free to attend and applications are open until 30th April. For more information and an application form please see