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Events in July 2016

BHS meeting


30-01 September 2016

Type: Conference / Symposium

- the Fourth BHS International Conference. This 3-day residential event is to be held at Cranfield University, Bedford. The programme is now finalised and includes sessions on a wide range of pressing hydrological issues:

  • Managing flood risk
  • Adapting to drought risk
  • River restoration
  • Water resources for a growing population
  • Catchment management for water quality
  • Resilient water use in agriculture and food production
  • Soil hydrology
  • Water and sanitation for developing countires
  • Hydrology in cities
  • Water & energy   
The Call for Abstracts is now open, with a submisison deadline of 31st May 2016. To register attendance, please use this link https://www.ice.org.uk/events/hydrologists-make-the-water-go-round-bedford (credit card payments only) Delegates needing a receipt should put in a request to Tim Hess at Cranfield (with appropriate Purchase Order to save time!)

BHS meeting

Hydroecology and the fine sediment conundrum: quantifying, mitigating and managing the issues

06 July 2016

Type: National Meeting

The meeting will consider the fine sedimentation cascade in its broadest sense and will feature three invited keynote talks: Dr Gary Bilotta (University of Brighton), Prof. Adrian Collins (Rothamsted Research) and Dr Chris Extence and Richard Chadd (Environment Agency) Posters will still be welcomed in the following areas: (by 22 June 2016, please).

  • Sediment transport, erosion and deposition in freshwater systems
  • Methodological advancements in the assessment of fine sediment transport, deposition and the clogging of sub-surface substrates.
  • Ecological consequences of fine sediment.
  • Interactions between aquatic ecology and fine sediment
  • Management, conservation and restoration of aquatic ecosystems associated with fine sediment pressures.

BHS meeting

The hydrogeology of peat

07 July 2016

Type: National Meeting

Water storage and movement within peat plays a fundamental role in some key environmental issues including the sustainability of carbon storage in peatlands, the hydrological response of uplands with reference to flood risk management, and maintenance and restoration of rare wetland plant communities. The aim of this meeting is to bring together mire (peatland) hydrologists and hydrogeologists to identify and discuss common themes, methods and concepts.    Programme included on Registration flyer attached.

  • Field & laboratory methods for measuring the hydraulic properties of, and groundwater flow within, peat.
  • The nature of, and controls on, groundwater flow in peat.
  • Conceptual and mathematical modelling of the hydrological functioning of peatland systems at varying scales.
  • Conceptual and mathematical modelling of the impacts of quantitative and qualitative pressures on peatlands, such as drainage and climate change.
Registration now open.  

BHS meeting

The Hydrogeomorphology of Flood Risk

07 September 2016

Type: National Meeting

A joint meeting of BHS and the British Society for Geomorphology to discuss the geomorphological responses to flooding and how a better understanding can help deliver more sustainable approaches to flood risk management. Sessions on:

  • Recent floods in the long-term context
  • Monitoring and modelling large floods
  • Geomorphic impacts of recent flooding
 Further details on flyer attached

iEMSs 2016

10-14 July 2016

Type: Conference / Symposium

The theme for the 8th International Congress on Environmental Modelling & software is “Supporting Sustainable Futures”. The conference is organized around a series of themes, streams, and sessions. Key streams include: Model development and modelling frameworks • Integrated Environmental Modeling • Climate Change Modeling • Environmental Modeling Uncertainty Issues, optimization, sensitivity analysis • Data mining, machine learning, GIS, remote sensing • Environmental Modeling for decision making and engaging the public • innovative Software • Algorithms for Environmental Modeling • Applications of Environmental Modeling Please consider submitting an abstract or a brief technical paper (8 page max) for either oral or poster presentation. Accepted technical papers will be published in the conference proceedings. To submit your abstract or paper now, please visit the conference web site: http://www.iemss.org/sites/iemss2016/

Nordic Water 2016

08-10 August 2016

Type: Conference / Symposium

International Conference to be held in Kaunas, Lithuania, to present and discuss the role of hydrology towards water resources sustainability in its widest sense. Abstracts deadline: 1 February 2016 Further details on Conference flyer.

British Society for Geomorphology Annual Meeting

05-07 September 2016

Type: Conference / Symposium

This year’s Annual Meeting will be held at Plymouth University and will be open-themed for regular oral and poster presentations. It will include a dedicated career development workshop for Early Career Researchers around the theme of Integrating Geomorphology. The field trip will explore developments in our understanding of landscape evolution in the 50+ years since some of the seminal geomorphology studies of the Dartmoor area. Registration will include a supplementary session held jointly with the British Hydrological Society, on the theme of the Hydrogeomorphology of Flood Risk. Conference details are now available in the first conference circular (attached, and link below). Information about the meeting is available via the BSG web pages at: http://www.geomorphology.org.uk/meetings/bsg-annual-meeting-2016.   Abstract submission and conference registration will open on 11th April.

Groudwater: Managing our Hidden Asset

13-14 September 2016

Type: Conference / Symposium

This two-day conference organised by the Geological Society's Hydrogeological Group and IAH is to celebrate the IAH's 60th anniversary and Geological Society's Year of Water, hosted by the University of Birmingham. Day 1—Themes: Groundwater and energy and groundwater resources including re-launch of Groundwater our Hidden Asset.
Day 2—Themes: Groundwater ecosystem services and quality incorporating the Ineson Lecture. Call for Abstracts now open    

Groundwater - Managing our hidden assets

13-14 September 2016

Type: Conference / Symposium

Joint Hydro Group and IAH-UK conference
University of Birmingham. Please find attached the conference oral programme and current poster presentations, along with information on this year's Ineson lecturer, Prof Georg Teutsch, Scientific Managing Director of the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, UFZ, Leipzig, Germany.

GSA 2016

25-28 September 2016

Type: Conference / Symposium

The Geological Society of America is holding its Annual meeting this year in Denver, Colorado. The Abstract deadline is 12 July 2016, Early Registration deadline is 22 August. Full details from the website

Drought Science and Management Symposium

27 September 2016

Type: Conference / Symposium

This syposium, to be held at the University of Oxford, is beig arranged through the MaRIUS drought research project and focuses on drought science and management of drought risk, both in the UK and globally. The Symposium is subsidised - see flyer attached - or check the event webpage: http://www.mariusdroughtproject.org/news/  and direct booking link: tinyurl.com/OxfordDroughtBooking

Groundwater and climate resilience - W. Mike Edmunds Memorial Lecture, Oxford, 3 November 2016

03 November 2016

Type: Conference / Symposium

Groundwater and climate resilience 3 November, 5pm Blue Boar Lecture Theatre, Christ Church College, Oxford The University of Oxford and the British Geological Survey host the first W. Mike Edmunds Memorial Lecture. In a career spanning almost 50 years, Mike made an extraordinary contribution to water science and water resource management globally. He led advances in geochemistry –  particularly hydrogeochemistry and palaeohydrology – authored over 150 scientific publications and mentored numerous water professionals in the process. In recognition of his outstanding work, Mike received many accolades including the Whittaker Medal (1999), the O.E. Meinzer Award (2009), and the Vernadsky Medal (2010). Mike is remembered not only for his scientific achievements, but for his passion, warmth and generosity of spirit which touched the lives of many. This lecture aims to honour his legacy by promoting good hydrogeological science to the service of society: something Mike was deeply passionate about. Groundwater and climate resilience The first Mike Edmunds Memorial Lecture will address ‘groundwater and climate resilience’. As the world’s largest store of usable freshwater, groundwater is central to how humans are responding to the challenges posed by climate change. Currently, groundwater abstraction comprises more than 35% of global water use and this is forecast to increase as people seek to mitigate the effects of climate extremes on food and water security. However, this raises the question of how resilient groundwater is to change. In rural Africa, most households depend on groundwater to meet basic water needs, with few affordable alternatives particularly during the dry season. In Asia, groundwater underpins agricultural productivity, again with few realistic alternatives if groundwater resources were to prove unreliable. In this talk, Prof Alan MacDonald will explore the resilience of groundwater to change and the challenges posed by climate change and increasing abstraction. Drawing on recent and ongoing research projects in Africa and South Asia, he will show how, with an understanding of hydrogeology, it is possible to plan for the future. About the speaker Prof Alan MacDonald is a Principal Hydrogeologist at the British Geological Survey and Honorary Professor of Groundwater at the University of Dundee. His work focuses on applied groundwater science, particularly in Africa and South Asia in the context of environmental change, water security and poverty reduction. Alan has 25 years research experience and has published 70 peer-reviewed papers, two groundwater books and more than 100 BGS Technical reports. He also collaborated with Mike on a number of publications. Alan leads international groundwater research at BGS and manages a small team of groundwater scientists and several PhD students based in Edinburgh. Online registration is now open.