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Events in April

BHS meeting

Peter Wolf Early Career Hydrologists’ Event 2014

24-25 June 2014

Type: Conference / Symposium

This year's Peter Wolf symposium will be hosted by the School of Engineering, Cardiff University.
This is an opportunity for early career hydrologists from academia and industry to showcase their work across a broad range of hydrology-related areas and build collaborative links.
As well as presentations and posters, there will be a field trip to the Elan Valley reservoirs, keynote speakers and a dinner.
Registration costs £85 if you register by the end of March 2014 or £95 after that date. 

BHS meeting

BHS 2014 : Challenging hydrological theory and practice

02-04 September 2014

Type: Conference / Symposium

BHS 2014 is the 12th British Hydrological Society's National Symposium, to be held this year at the University of Birmingham.
Call for abstracts: Deadline 30th April 2014.
See Symposium website for abstract submission and further details:

BHS meeting

Estimating Flood Hydrographs in Scotland: the revised ReFH approach - Scottish Hydrological Group

16 April 2014

Type: Regional Meeting

Scottish Hydrological Group - Technical Meeting and AGM

Updating the ReFH design hydrograph method within Scotland.
by Andy Young and Thomas Kjeldsen (Wallingford Hydro Solutions)
A K Bell Library, York Place, Perth
6.30pm (5.45pm for Tea / Coffee / Sandwiches)
The annual AGM of the Scottish Hydrological Group will precede the presentation. There will be a review of the SHG activities in the year, summary of accounts and election of officials. It is anticipated that the AGM will take 15minutes and will start at 6:15pm.
Presentation Abstract:
The presentation will present an overview of wider developments within the FEH, including the current development of a web-based delivery tool to replace the FEH CDROM, before focusing on recent research work to further develop the application of the The Revitalised Flood Hydrograph (ReFH) methodology and software within Scotland.

BHS meeting

Blue Green Cities

24 April 2014

Type: Regional Meeting

Date and Time: Thursday 24th April 2014 6.30pm to 8pm
Location: The Institution of Civil Engineers, One Great George Street, London
Conventional urban water systems are often poorly equipped to deal with weather extremes and their construction and operation is resource intensive. The Blue Green Dream (BGD) project is a major, multi-partner venture that presents a new concept for planning and managing urban water systems (blue assets) and urban vegetated areas (green infrastructure) not as separate systems, but as a synergistic network.

BHS meeting

End-To-End Forecasting Uncertainty

07 May 2014

Type: National Meeting

Event details: This meeting is organised by the British Hydrological Society South West Section. Venue: Met Office, FitzRoy Rd, Exeter, EX1 3PB, Conference Room 1
Date: 7th May 2014 @ 2pm. 
Programme (See abstracts below):
  • 1400 Tea and Coffee 
  • 1430 Latest Developments in Precipitation Forecasting R&D, STEPS replacement – ensemble forecasting. Clive Pierce, Senior Forecasting Scientist, Met Office 
  • 1500 Implementing short range, high resolution precipitation forecasts in hydrological ensemble forecasts. Adrian Wynn/David Price, Senior Flood Forecaster, Flood Forecasting Centre 
  • 1530  Integrating probabilistic forecasts operationally – Environment Agency’s probabilistic flood forecasting strategy. Katherine Self, FCRM Advisor, Environment Agency 
  • 1600 Making sense of probabilistic flood forecasts – decision support methods. Murray Dale, Hydrometeorologist & Senior Technologist, CH2M-HILL, Exeter 
  • 1630 Meeting closure 
Abstract by Clive Pierce: Clive will introduce probabilistic weather forecasting and provide more detail about latest developments in nowcasting e.g. STEPS replacement, and challenges & benefits?  
Abstract by Adrian Wynn/David Price: Adrian/David will explain how the National Flood Forecasting Centre has implemented short range, high resolution precipitation forecasts into the Grid-to-Grid model environment, followed by a discussion on the challenges associated with operational use of these forecasts for producing the Flood Guidance Statement. We will consider specific factors which influence the development of a hydrological ensemble forecast and ways in which ensemble information may be used and interpreted. Finally, we will present our plans for short and medium terms developments in this area. 
Abstract by Katherine Self: Katherine will outline the Environment Agency’s probabilistic flood forecasting strategy.  
Abstract by Murray Dale: Murray will refer to recent research for the Environment Agency that developed a series of decision-support methods for taking flood incident management actions when using ensemble flood forecasts. The methods have been trialled on a range of case studies and have been made applicable for fluvial, coastal and surface water flood situations. He will also make reference to how other countries are using probabilistic forecasts. 
Registration: The meeting is free of charge. Please confirm by email if you are planning to attend. Contact Peter Dempsey peter.dempsey@metoffice.gov.uk, or Oliver Pollard oliver.pollard@environment-agency.gov.uk 
Directions: Directions to the Met Office: http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/about-us/contact/in-exeter

BHS meeting

Hydrological impacts of energy projects

05 June 2014

Type: National Meeting

This meeting will consider hydrological assessment of the impacts of energy projects: it aims to bring together scientists, engineers, water managers, regulators, consultants and policy-makers.
Location: CIWEM, 106-109 Saffron Hill, Faringdon, London EC1N 8\QS
Call for Abstracts: Those interested in presenting at the meeting should email the Convenor, Duncan Faulkner by 31 March 2014.

Dooge Nash International Symposium 2014

24-25 April 2014

Type: Conference / Symposium

The Symposium will bring together experts to discuss the Grand Challenges facing hydrology in the future and to consider and contribute to these in the context of a sustainable and just planet. The Symposium will be held in Dublin Castle and will celebrate the contribution of Irish Hydrologists, Professor Jim Dooge and Professor Eamonn Nash in establishing, internationally, the key role of hydrology in many critical, global issues.
See website for more information: www.dooge-nash.org

HEX 2014 - Hydrological EXtreme events in historic and prehistoric times

09-15 June 2014

Type: Conference / Symposium

Hydrological EXtreme events in historic and prehistoric times

Dept. of Geography, University of Bonn, Germany

International conference with field presentations