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Events in June 2019

BHS meeting

Celebrating hydrometry

24 June 2019

Type: Conference / Symposium

This joint CIWEM-BHS national meeting (part of an ongoing series of meetings designed to link researchers, policy makers and practitioners) will provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about the value that hydrometry provides for society, the environment and the economy. It will feature presentations and debate from those responsible for the collection and management of hydrometric data, through to those who use it in studies or in planning, managing and regulating the water environment. 

The meeting will be held at the Instituion of Civil Engineers, London SW1P 3AA and aims to bring together academics, researchers, consultants, hydrologists, environmental managers, policymakers, regulators and other stakeholders. Registration now open via this link to ICE Conference bookings.

Full programme is given here.

INQUA 2019

25-31 July 2019

Type: Conference / Symposium

The 20th INQUA World Congress - "Life on the Edge" - to be held in the Convention Centre Dublin, aims to bring together all stakeholders, to promote improved communication and international collaboration in experimental and applied aspects of Quaternary research. Quaternary research also provides a direct understanding of geological change including sedimentation and deposition of rock layers and natural energy resources. Applied Quaternary Geology is therefore very relevant for the Mining and Energy sectors, Geotechnology, Water and Hydrogeology, land surveys and planning, and large-scale engineering projects. Further details from  Please note that the Call for Abstracts and Registration is now open.

17th International Computing & Control for Water Industry Conference

01-04 September 2019

Type: Conference / Symposium

Registration for this event is now open - see details attached.

4th IMA International Conference on Flood Risk

12-13 September 2019

Type: Conference / Symposium

This event takes place on the University of Swansea Cadigan Bay Campus. The recent IPCC AR5 report highlights flood risks as one of the most perceivable indicators when it comes to the understanding of climate change impact.  Research on flood risk has never been ampler, yet we still witness the growing causalities of severe flooding around globe on a yearly basis. CALL FOR PAPERS: The emphasis will be on four principal themes:

  • Climate change, hydro-climatic extremes and non-stationarity
  • Computational methods in flood flow modelling and the emerging AI techniques
  • Emerging observation technology and data assimilation method for flood modelling
  • Mathematical methods for evaluating flood risk perception, communication and human reaction
Contributions that span these topics while addressing the overall conference theme are most welcome.
More details of Invited Speakers and how to submit papers (by 31st May, please) are given here. Registration is now open - note that  'Early Bird' fees are available until 15 August 2019.

Temporary Rivers and Streams Workshop

25 June 2019

Type: National Meeting

A cross-discipline workshop organised by CEH Wallingford, to be held at Nottingham Trent University. More details from Cath Sefton at  Registration now open at: