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Events in October

BHS meeting

Low Flows in our Major Rivers – Assessing Perception vs Reality

20 October 2014

Type: Regional Meeting

Low Flows and the impact of abstraction have been key features of the drive to improve the health of our rivers in recent years and this has ranged from small brooks with local interest to our largest rivers and has addressed significant ecological issues such as the apparent decline of Salmon migration in some of the rivers of south England. This meeting covers the issue of impact of abstraction on two of the most important rivers in southern England.

No registration required.  All welcome.

BHS meeting

Using Hydraulic Modelling to Improve Hydrological Understanding

12 November 2014

Type: Regional Meeting

This evening meeting of the BHS Pennines branch will explore the use of Hydraulic modelling to improve Hydrological understanding, including examples from Yorkshire and the North-West and the pros and cons of generating Stage-Discharge relationships from Hydraulic models. All are welcome. The meeting is free of charge, but you are required to register at: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/bhs-meeting-using-hydraulicmodelling-to-improve-hydrological-understanding-tickets-13466347207    

BHS meeting

Putting more hydrology into water resource planning

20 November 2014

Type: Regional Meeting

Putting more hydrology into water resource planning - Better links between water resources and drought planning. There is no charge to attend this meeting and both BHS members and non-members are welcome. No registration is required.      

BHS meeting

Groundwater Extremes and Surface Water Impacts

03 December 2014

Type: National Meeting

This meeting, co-convened by the British Hydrological Society and the Hydrogeological Group of the Geological Society, will examine this remarkable period of climatic and hydrological extremes, discuss the nature of the interactions between groundwater systems and surface waters during both the drought and flood episodes, and consider the challenges in managing our water resources and in mitigating impacts during extremes.

  Registration Please register online for this meeting via http://www.ice.org.uk/Event?ID=3117

Conference fees are £60 for BHS or Geol Soc members, £90 for non-members and £45 for retired/students.

7th Global FRIEND-Water Conference

07-10 October 2014

Type: Conference / Symposium

7th UNESCO Global FRIEND-Water conference: "Hydrology in a Changing World : Environmental and Human Dimensions"

Montpellier, France - 07-10 October 2014

FRIEND-Water (Flow Regime from International Experimental and Network Data) is an international collaborative network of experts, which started 25 years ago, and that aims to generate new understanding about regional hydrology and multi-scale water cycle processes. As a cross-cutting theme of UNESCO’s, International Hydrology Program (IHP), FRIEND-Water contributes to research on: regional water resources, droughts, global change and the water cycle, and water education and capacity building.

The FRIEND-Water2014 Conference aims at sharing knowledge about change in hydrological processes (e.g. regimes, hydro-extremes), their impacts (e.g. ecological flows, erosion-sedimentation), and how this knowledge can be streamlined to let water management and policy to adapt to it.

Conference Website

FRIEND-Water 2014 Third Circular

Climate Change: Building the Age of Resilience

23 October 2014

Type: Conference / Symposium

This one-day CIWEM Conference will be looking at the case for developing resilient systems and infrastructure in light of a changing climate. It will examine the range of uncertainties in climate predictions, how different sectors are currently approaching climate resilience, and the lessons that can be learnt from recent extreme events.

Please visit the CIWEM website to book online and for more information about the event. Alternatively, feel free to contact events@ciwem.org with any queries.  

HydroEco '2015

13-16 April 2015

Type: Conference / Symposium

5th International Multidisciplinary Conference on HYDROLOGY and ECOLOGY : Advances in Monitoring, Predicting and Managing Hydroecological Processes

Vienna, Austria. 13-16 April 2015

Abstract submission from mid-April 2014, closing date 4 September 2014.

Further information: http://web,natur.cuni.cz/hydroeco2015

Water Resources Management 2015

15-17 June 2015

Type: Conference / Symposium

The 'Call for Papers' is now published for the 8th International Conference on sustainable water resources management, to be held in Corunna, Spain, and organised by the Wessex Institute.   View the conference website for more information or to submit an abstract.

River Basin Management 2015

17-19 June 2015

Type: Conference / Symposium

8th International Conference organised by the |Wessex Institute on River Basin Managhement, to include all aspects of hydrology, ecology, environmental management, flood plains and wetlands View the conference website for more information 

26th IUGG General Assembly 2015

22-02 July 2015

Type: Conference / Symposium

Registration and on-line Abstract submission now OPEN for this meeting in the Prague Congress Centre, June 22 - July 2, 2015

Water and Society 2015

15-17 July 2015

Type: Conference / Symposium

Third International Conference on Water and Society, organised by the Wessex Institute, UK, sponsored by WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment and the International Journal of sustainable Development and Planning. Further details from Conference Secretariat

International Workshop on Urban Pluvial Flood Modelling

06 October 2014

Type: National Meeting

A workshop on the RainGain Project, to be held at the Met Office, Exeter.  If you wish to participate, please register before 19th September using this link: http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/raingain-international-workshop-on-urban-pluvial-flood-modelling-tickets-12001794691

H-SAF and HAPEX Workshops on coupled hydrology

05-07 November 2014

Type: National Meeting

These two workshops are organised next to each other and will be an opportunity to exchange information and interact within the hydrological and NWP communities. H-SAF and HEPEX tend to be complementary in expertise so that bringing them together can fuel discussions towards new applications. Common sessions/working groups are envisaged on Wednesday or Thursday morning to enable interactions between HEPEX and H-SAF.  The HEPEX part of the workshop is co-sponsored by the UNESCO International Hydrology Programme's "Flow Regimes from International Experimental and Network Data (FRIEND)" programme. The workshop is open to everybody involved in this research area. There is no registration fee and no funds are available to assist participants with their travel arrangements.   Further details: http://www.ecmwf.int/en/h-saf-and-hepex-workshops-coupled-hydrology