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Events in June 2018

The Water - Energy - Food Nexus: Balancing our (in)securities

18 May 2017

Type: Regional Meeting

CIWEM's Central Southern Branch Annual Seminar, held at the River Suite, Crowne Plaza, Reading RG1 8BD, is a one day seminar to bring together a range of practitioners and researchers that are carrying out work within the Water – Energy – Food nexus.  Talks will cover a range of topics including:

  • Innovative methods of trade off modelling in low income countries
  • How future water availability in the UK could affect power production
  • The ways in which management of catchments can affect water supply and treatment
  • How agent-based modelling of fish is relevant to the Water – Energy – Food nexus  
  • How small scale innovations can be scaled up to reduce the use of water, energy and food and thus lower our carbon footprint.