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Events in November 2018

30th Nordic Hydrological Conference

13-15 August 2018

Type: Conference / Symposium

The main topic of the conference will be “Hydrology and water resources management in a changing world“.

The following sub-topics are identified for this conference:
•             Advanced methods and technology in hydrological modelling
•             Land atmosphere interactions in high latitude and cold regions
•             Surface water, groundwater and blue-green solutions in urban areas
•             Small catchment hydrology and flash floods
•             Water consumption and environmental impacts
•             The role of hydropower in climate change mitigation and adaptation
•             Climate services – bridge the gap from science to management
The conference includes:
•             Oral presentations from five keynote speakers: Marco Borga (University of Padova), Tor Haakon Bakken (Sintef), Tone Merete Muthanna (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Lee Brown (University of Leeds) and Helen Bonsor (British Geological survey)
•             High quality scientific program where water scientists are asked to submit abstracts and to contribute
•             Visit to Bryggen guided by experts on urban groundwater
•             Reception in Håkonshallen
•             Conference dinner
The conference is also an excellent opportunity for visiting Bergen and the Western coast of Norway. Deadline for 'early bird' registration is 15th May. Visit the conference website at www.nhc2018.org for registration and other information.