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Events in February 2020

BHS meeting

Natural Flood Management: Does it work?

24 April 2019

Type: National Meeting

Recent years have seen the introduction of a range of landscape interventions to help mitigate the level of flood risk upstream of flood-affected communities by emulating natural phenomena – so called Natural Flood Management (NFM). The strength of evidence for the effectiveness of each type of intervention or group of interventions in the landscape often remains incomplete or debated. With this meeting the British Hydrological Society seeks to present some key findings from previous and ongoing science, and highlight where further research is needed. We encourage participation by researchers, including early career scientists, and those interested in which types of NFM intervention may be most effective at their localities given the uncertainties and risks. We encourage open debate and informal discussions throughout. Speakers include Lydia Burgess-Gamble (Environment Agency), Martin Evans (University of Manchester), Simon Dadson (University of Oxford), Jo Clarke (Reading University), Trev Page (Lancaster University), Megan Klaar (University of Leeds) and Keith Beven (Lancaster University). Further details on this downloadable flyer and registration via meeting webpage: