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The Society's publications fall into the following categories:

Newsletter – The BHS newsletter Circulation is published quarterly and sent free to all members. An Index to the first 25 issues and a Contents listing of all subsequent issues are available as PDF documents to aid searching for specific articles, either by keywords or by author if known.

Proceedings of BHS International Conferences (held every 6 years) and National Symposia (held every 2 years). To search for individual papers, check Programme under the particular event and then download full text (pdf) by searching by keywords within Conference or Symposium Papers.

Occasional Papers on various technical topics

Miscellaneous reports of interest to members

Meeting Presentations - papers from BHS meetings, often PDF copies of Powerpoint slides presented at the meeting. These files are listed on the appropriate event entry on the main Meetings & Events page and found by scrolling through the calendar.

In addition, BHS is a joint sponsor of

Hydrology Research: an International Journal, published by IWAP - see left side-bar for direct links

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Circulation No.136

Published: 15/02/2018


Circulation is the quarterly newsletter of BHS sent to all members

Circulation No.135

Published: 02/11/2017


Circulation is the quarterly newsletter sent by post to all BHS members

Circulation No.134

Published: 01/08/2017


Circulation is the quarterly newsletter of the British Hydrological Society: print copies aresent by post to members.

Circulation No.133

Published: 02/05/2017


Circulation is the quarterly newsletter sent to all BHS members.